Q. can anyone be part of the co-operative?

A. The co-operative is open to anyone who wants to become a member and get involved in the growth of a hemp industry in Ireland. We welcome a range of people from growers, suppliers, chemists, brewers, enthusiasts etc.


Q. can i apply for a LICENSE to grow hemp through the co-op?

A. Yes. We are making the process of application for hemp growing streamlined so that there are no hoops applicants will have to go through.


Q. When is the best time to buy seed for growing?

A. Licenses are on a yearly bases. Once an individual applies it takes up to three weeks for approval. Most liscenses get renewed at the end of each year and seed is purchased after. April/May is optimum time for sowing.


Q. Can i pick which seeed to buy?

A. Yes. Unfortunately there are restrictions to which variety can be sown, to which the Co-Op will have a list of seed that is best used for Irish soils and also create the best yield depending on what the grower wants the hemp to be used for.  


Q. Can i grow my hemp for multiple processors?

A. We recommend before growing that the seed is selected based of what the end user is looking for. We will help the grower in choosing the seed and the end user to supply the crop too. If the end user wants to use the leaves for tea, we will advise a certain variety for the grower and the Co-Op will advise on the methods to harvest.


Q. Will the co-op find the end user for me?

A. We will help in any way to find an end user by the time of harvest. With multiple uses for the crop we have end users that range from breweries, hemp oils, hemp seed, bedding etc. If the grower has found there own end user in the mean time, we would welcome them to contact Hemp Co-Operative Ireland to establish the processing methods before harvest.